Complaint 0076/2015/JN
11 February 2015
Ms O'Reilly:
your decision reveals that industrial lobbies have more
influence on the European Commission (... and that the
European Commission has more influence on the
European Ombudsman ...) than regulations and plain
EN 50561-1 is undoubtedly a product standard, but the
European Commission in 2002 has formally confirmed
that the mandate "M/313 envisages the preparation of
harmonised standards on EMC of networks and not of
products (...)". No technical understanding is necessary
to judge that case and it is blatantly obvious that the
opening of an inquiry is being blocked precisely
because the facts are so very clear.
I am absolutely determined to eliminate the illegitimately
harmonised standard EN 50561-1 and consequently I
will prepare an appeal to the European Court of Justice.
Would you please forward this email to those responsible
for the listing of EN 50561-1 as a harmonised standard
in the OJEU.
Karl Fischer
Amateur Radio Station DJ5IL
Friedenstr. 42
75173 Pforzheim
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