Let me take you on a time journey, back to the old days without mobile phones and internet, when worldwide communication was a real thrill pioneered by radio amateurs with their homebuilt equipment. In 1956 (my year of birth) the cinema film "TKX antwortet nicht" was released, the German version of the original French movie "Si Tous Les Gars du Monde", which is an entertaining tribute to the amateur radio operators of the world. The story begins when a French fishing trawler in the North Sea takes on an Arab passenger. While in the middle of a storm on the high seas, the Arab becomes seriously ill with a disease that threatens the lives of everyone on board. Unable to reach the proper medical authorities, the boat sends out a desperate SOS, whereupon several radio amateurs of different nationalities spring into action ...

The German short movie "CQ-DX", which I present here, was produced as a trailer for that film.
Some scenes look funny nowadays - but this masterpiece is a realistic and competent documentary presentation of the amateur radio service in those days. And though technology has changed a lot since 1956, its presentation of amateur radio in principle remains valid to this day. There is no decorative accessory of a frame story and there are no staged scenes, since most of the shots were made at the locations of about 20 amateur radio stations in the area of Hamburg. Real DX QSOs were conducted during the shots which make up the background sound for some scenes, and even the discriminating radio amateur will hardly find any goofs. In May 2013 I added English subtitles to the original film, to make it understandable for a broader audience.

The radio-technical supervisor for this film was Rudolf Rapcke, DL1WA, who rendered great service to the radio amateurs in Germany after WW II. He is the "Old Man" who gets up at 2:30 in the morning and who is obviously wearing a tie while sleeping ... Please pay special attention to his fantastic radio station ! Great knowledge and skill were necessary to build and operate a competitive station like that of DL1WA.

I am sure this amazing short movie will put a smile on the face of every passionate radio amateur. Enjoy !

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