Yaesu FL-2100Z
Linear Power Amplifier

The Model FL-2100Z by Yaesu Musen Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, is a linear power amplifier for the amateur radio service. Using a parallel pair of 572B high-my power triodes in class AB2 grounded-grid configuration, with 2400 V plate voltage it is rated at a plate input power of 1200 W PEP SSB / 1000 W CW and capable to deliver 600 to 700 W output power with ease. It looks very compact but has a healthy weight of 20 Kg. However, its true qualities are revealed only after opening the cabinet ...

Built in the early eighties of the last century, the FL-2100Z is a veritable work of art in best tradition of the legendary Japanese craftmanship, which is on the decline nowadays due to economical contraints. In fact, no single USA-made amplifier in a comparable category which I know comes even close to it concerning the quality of materials and construction. Only high-grade galvanized steel is used and no sharp edges, no metal filings and not one single self-tapping screw can be found - all screws and associated holes are carefully threaded. The front plate is made of solid die-cast aluminium. Everything fits perfectly well together with very tight tolerances. The knobs move smooth as silk and the radial blowers are quiet as a whisper.

In October 2010, visiting an amateur radio flea-market I got aware of a FL-2100Z in incredibly excellent condition. The owner - SP9QVM, OM Tadek from Krakow / Poland - said "it's brand new ...", but nobody seemed to believe him. Tadek ensured me that this amplifier was only used once or twice after he bought it, because the mains wiring in his small house could not cope with it. So he put it back into the original box and kept it sleeping until now. Indeed, the amplifier did not show any sign of use and - as could be judged from the screw heads - the cover has obviously never been removed. No dust, no dirt, no signs of wear, even an original Yaesu tag stating "inspected by M.S." was still attached to the mains cord.

Finally, I took my treasure home, a 30 year old but factory-new FL-2100Z which I bought for € 620 - Thank you, OM Tadek ! This amplifier is a beauty and a real pleasure to operate, and just to give you an idea of its constructional
qualities I would like to share the following pictures with you ...